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Using og temperature data logger S0110 in speleological practice


Digital thermometer temperature measurement is becoming increasingly available method mainly due to favorable prices and greater choice of suitable digital thermometers to cave spaces. Only after several years of data collection from the caves of the Little Carpathians is possible to share new results in this field.

Advantages and technical features digital thermometer LOGGER S0110.

Thermometer to measure is chosen after selection on the basis of resistance in the cave environment. We proved the thermometer from the Czech company COMET System Ltd. - DataLogger S0110. This thermometer is the best that the cave because it is waterproof and has no buttons. It is very light and small (110 g, 93 x 64 x 29 mm). Everything you need to set it via the USB cable from the computer and in the same way it gives you and the measured data. Also choose a particular whether a thermometer to measure every second, minute, hour, day, month, or year. Alone thermometer has a memory of 32 000 measurements. Battery life should be according to the manufacturer's seven years, so the thermometer clock cycle when you can measure the temperature in the cave as well as several years. The digital display shows the current temperature and under setting minimum and maximum temperature reached for the measured period. Operating temperatures are from -30 to 70 °C. Measured on the tenth of a degree with an accuracy of ± 0.4 °​​C.

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