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dataloggers, thermometers, hygrometers..
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  • Abú Sír, Egypt – tomb of high priest Iuf – discovery of Institute of Egyptology of Charles University, Prague
  • St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague – Crown Chamber of Coronation Jewels of Czech Kings
  • Prague Castle – Belvedere of Queen Ann
  • Prague Castle – Rudolph Gallery
  • National Gallery, Prague - Sternberk Palace
  • National Gallery, Prague - Agnes Monastery
  • Valdstejn Palace, Prague
  • Archbishop Palace, Prague
  • Old Town Hall, Prague
  • National Museum, Prague
  • National Library Klementinum, Prague
  • Karlstejn Castle, Chapel of the Holy Cross and Great Tower, Czech Republic
  • Kromeriz - Archbishop Castle and Gardens, Czech Republic
  • Znojmo - Rotunda of St. Catherine, Czech Republic
  • Botanic and Entomologic Museum in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Open Air Vallachian Museum in Roznov pod Radhostem
  • The permanent exhibition The Story of Prague Castle
  • Prague Castle - Exhibition – Prague, the Crown of Bohemia
  • National Museum, Prague - Mammoth Hunters Exhibition